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Engineering and construction among hardest to fill jobs

By January 22, 2024No Comments

New data shows that instrumentation engineers, ad reviewers, and mechanical and electrical project managers are the most difficult jobs to fill.

The ‘Hardest to Fill Jobs’ analysis of Irish job posts by jobs site Indeed shows that online moderators, tax consultants and construction specialists are also proving difficult to recruit.

Indeed’s analysis examined job postings from 1 January 2023 to the end of November 2023 to determine which positions were most likely to remain open for over 60 days, an indicator of them being “hard to fill”.

Job postings for instrumentation engineers ranked in first position with just under 63% of advertised roles remaining open for 60-plus days.

These engineers are responsible for planning, installing, monitoring and maintaining control systems and machinery within manufacturing environments.

Other engineering disciplines feature throughout the top 20, with many involving construction related roles.

Amid a shortage of construction workers, posts for mechanical and electrical project managers, civil supervisors, civil technicians, mechanical, electrical and plumbing managers, and ecologists all feature in the top 20.

The latter are required to report on the likely impact of proposed construction works on the environment and surrounding habitats.

Jobs for lawyers rank fourth on the list with 57% remaining open for more than 60 days while 49% of job postings for tax consultants remain open after this time period.

In a sign of the increasing prevalence of online advertising and the rise of social media, jobs for ad reviewers rank in second position at 61% while posts for online moderators are in thirteenth position at just under 50%.

Ad reviewers are in charge of checking ad content to ensure it is accurate and appropriate.

Moderators tend to increasingly work for online companies, particularly those involved in social media, to review content and ensure it adheres to a platform’s rules.

“Given the increased cost of living, employees in some hard to fill roles may have a degree of leverage when it comes to seeking pay rises and the option of potentially moving roles if the available ones offer better pay and conditions,” said Jack Kennedy, senior economist at Indeed.

“Meanwhile, the list should make for interesting reading for policy makers and those in the education and training sectors already focused on ways to increase the talent supply for crucial sectors whether that is through more third level places or apprenticeship opportunities,” Mr Kennedy added.

Article Source – Engineering and construction among hardest to fill jobs – RTE

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